Cross Browser Testing for WordPress Website

WordPress powers over 30% of all websites on the internet today. From personal blogs and portfolios to business and news websites and eCommerce portals of all scales; sites like Forbes and the New York Times are built on WordPress. The reason for WordPress’ widespread adoption, across verticals, is its customizability. With an incredible selection of […]

How To Add Custom Fonts To Elementor

Elementor page builder has a huge collection of Google Fonts that you can use to choose fonts for your website. However, sometimes, you may want to upload custom fonts in Elementor. Fonts that are not available on Google Fonts. So, how do you add custom fonts to Elementor? This is exactly what I’m going to […]

How to Add Free SSL in WordPress Using Let’s Encrypt

What is SSL and Let’s Encrypt? Every internet user shares lots of personal information each day. We do that when shopping online, creating accounts, signing into different websites, etc. If not properly encrypted, then this information can be spied upon and stolen. This is where SSL comes in. It provides the encryption technology to secure […]