Step-by-Step Guide to Create 301 Redirect In WordPress

Whether you’re changing the URL of a single page or migrating to a completely new domain, learning the ins and outs of the 301 redirect WordPress rules can help improve your site’s user experience and safeguard your site’s SEO health. Here, we have distilled the process of 301 redirects in WordPress into an easy-to-follow tutorial. […]

Guide to Moving a Blog From Blogger to WordPress

Looking to migrate Blogger to WordPress? We think WordPress is a great choice to run your website, but you might naturally be a little worried about whether you’re going to lose all the content on your Blogger site if you switch to WordPress. Thankfully, it’s totally possible to migrate Blogger to WordPress without losing your […]

C# 8.0 A New Feature Which Makes The Interface More Flexible

In September Microsoft announced the official availability of C# 8.0 as part of the .NET Core 3.0 release. One of the new features is default interface implementation. In this article I am explaining about default interface implementation. As we all know, making changes in an interface of an  existing application is a risky operation. If […]