How to Speed Up WordPress Performance

Why should you speed up WordPress? There are many┬áreasons that┬áring alarm bells, some of which might even cause major concerns for you: Search engines (like Google) rank websites with fast-loading times higher than the slow-loading ones. So, if you want to improve your position in the SERPs, improving speed should be one of your priorities. […]

How to Setting Up Bulk SMS Portal Using Joomla

Introduction to Bulk SMS Service Bulk SMS Business is a profitable business in Nigeria and even all over the world today. Millions of SMS are sent daily among the GSM subscribers all over Nigeria. This is due to its cheapest and faster means of communication. GSM SMS within a network and among different networks range […]

WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

I optimize WordPress without an SEO plugin. The reason is because SEO Plugins have more features than I need. I have been asked many times to share how to do SEO with WordPress without an SEO plugin. Here is how to do WordPress SEO without an SEO Plugin. This article is not intended to persuade […]