How to Get Featured Snippets on Google

Featured snippets, also called Position 0, attract a large volume of traffic to your Website. Although competition is undeniably tough, we can optimize our site to have more chances to appear in it. In this article, we teach you exactly how. What are featured snippets? There’s no doubt you’ve seen featured snippets before. These are the answers […]

Create an XML Sitemap for Your WordPress Site

You are online because you want to be found by people over the internet. That is an assumption. However, it applies to most cases. To be found over the internet, your site has (is almost obligated) to be registered on at least one search engine – Google being the most important one. You have to […]

Magento SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms around. And as a Magento user, we know you’re always looking for new ways to drive more traffic to your store. So, we’ve prepared a list of eight Magento SEO tips you can implement to improve your search engine rankings and generate more organic traffic and […]