HTML vs. Joomla: All-in Wrestling

HTML based websites and those built with the help of Joomla come from two different epochs! First ones are static, means that the content inserted on those pages will be completely the same for all the visitors. While the second ones are dynamic, thus the page and content structure will look different depending on what […]

C# vs. C++: Which Programming Language is The Best For You?

Ready to learn programming for a career change or fun hobby? There are various programming languages to choose from for web design, game design, and app design. They are called languages because they are instructions to the computer that communicate your design. Two popular programming languages are C# and C++. Once you start a project […]

How to Speed up WordPress Loading Without Plugins

Website speed is one of Google’s ranking factors in determining website rankings on SERP pages. You certainly don’t want WordPress website visitors to leave because they are waiting for a long process to open a website. Visitors will leave websites that have a long loading time, they prefer to find another website that is faster. […]