Tips to Manage WordPress User Roles & Permissions

Many startups and new businesses start off as a small team. And when you’re running a website alone, or with two or three other people, user roles and permissions are the last thing on your mind. But for larger businesses, and especially those operating on an international basis, setting appropriate WordPress user roles & permissions […]

How .NET 6 Minimal APIs has evolved ASP.NET Core

.NET 6 Minimal APIs has allowed .NET to evolve so we can reduce a large amount of boilerplate code. To demonstrate this, we are going to take a small front-end Web API with a couple of endpoints. The front-end API has been built using .NET Core 2.1, and we want to upgrade it to .NET […]

How to Customize the Homepage on Your Website

Your homepage is the first thing visitors see when they land on your website. It helps define your site’s style and aesthetic. However, WordPress’ default homepage settings aren’t ideal for all websites. Fortunately, you can customize your WordPress homepage to better highlight what your website offers. This can also help you set the tone for […]