What’s the Better Investment—Paid Search or SEO?

Paid Search Paid search offers marketers the ability to seek out their intended audience, driving highly curated site traffic from visitors who align with the targeted personas. This is a powerful tool. In addition, paid search accounts can be deployed on a variety of platforms and in a variety of configurations to support your specific goals. […]

How to Move Your WordPress from Non-WWW to WWW Domain?

Moving from non-www to www: Step by step Read through these steps, before you follow them closely, step by step. Don’t miss a single one of them, and you’ll be perfectly fine – both for now and in the future. Step 1: Disable current redirects If you have setup any redirects from www to non-www, […]

What is Alexa Rank? Does it Matter for SEO?

Every business owner knows that ranking well in search engines is essential. If you can’t be found in a search engine, then it isn’t very easy for customers to find you. However, there is another type of ranking that a lot of companies focus on today. It is more mysterious, and most people are unsure […]