How to Create a Modern SharePoint Online Test Center Page

Introduction Hi guys, let’s try to create a Modern SharePoint Test Centre Page using a Modern Web Part called MS Forms [Used mostly for Quizzing, Poling, Test Centre, Surveys, Feedback collection, etc.] today for quick mock tests and practicing. It can also be used for all your team members to practice more rounds and help […]

How To Optimize Images For WordPress

People on the web don’t have much time to consume data – because there’s so much of the latter. There’s so much data that we simply don’t have the time to read it all! As a content curator for the modern web, your task is to maximize throughput. The more you express with lesser words, the […]

Easy Way to Delete WordPress Posts in Bulk

As your WordPress site continues to grow, it’s likely that you’ll experience a buildup of old and possibly irrelevant pages. Of course, you could go through and delete each one by hand. However, in most cases, it will be more efficient to bulk delete them. Taking the time to do this will give your website a fresh […]