How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

Understanding SQL Injection Attacks SQL injection (SQLi) is a technique used to inject malicious code into existing SQL statements. These injections make it possible for malicious users to bypass existing security controls and gain unauthorized access to obtain, modify, and extract data, including customer records, intellectual property, or personal information. Attackers can also use this […]

How to Update Old Blog Posts for SEO

Not every blog post you publish will rank in search engines. Even if you’ve done keyword research and written great content, it’s not always possible to get things right on your first attempt. For example, we published a post about “what is SEO” in late 2018. It wasn’t a complete failure, but it never ranked higher than the […]

How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages

If you ever publish long blog posts on your WordPress website, then you might want to consider breaking those posts up into smaller pieces. The benefits of doing this that it can make it easier for your visitors to digest your content, while also making it possible for anyone to link to the specific parts […]