Best Windows Hosting for Node.js v8.1.2

Best Windows Hosting for Node.js v8.1.2 – Node.js v8.1.2 is actually a runtime program for creating (mostly) server-side applications. It is ideal referred to as a preferred suggests for JavaScript coders to make real-time Web APIs.

But Node.js® v8.1.2 will not be a JavaScript framework; indeed, numerous authors have written great frameworks specifically for Node.js® v8.1.2, which includes Express.js, Restify.js, and Hapi.js. So what specifically is this phenomenon finding its way into Net applications, operating systems wrappers, microcontrollers, and robots?

NodeJSAt it’s core, Node.js® v8.1.2 is actually a stripped-down, extremely customizable server engine — a proto-server, for those who will — since out of your box it does not do anything till you set it up. This proto-server processes inside a loop, ready to accept and respond to requests. Any of these requests themselves may possibly initiate other requests to some other component with the program, such as to study a file off of disk or to send a signal to spin a motor on a robot arm. That loop, called the occasion loop, will be the “runtime” aspect.

Node.js® v8.1.2 ships with workhorse connectors and libraries like those relating to HTTP, SSL, compression, filesystem access, and raw TCP and UDP. JavaScript, already tuned for any Internet browser’s event loop atmosphere for GUI and network events, is an excellent language for wiring up these connectors. It is possible to snap connectors onto the occasion loop practically as easily as you’ll be able to snap Lego parts with each other. Doing so allows you to develop a very simple, dynamic Web server in just a few lines of JavaScript.

What is New in Node.js v8.1.2?

Node.js 8.0.0 is a major new release that includes a significant number of semver-major and semver-minor changes. Notable changes are listed below.

The Node.js 8.x release branch is scheduled to become the next actively maintained Long Term Support (LTS) release line in October, 2017 under the LTS codename 'Carbon'. Note that the LTS lifespan for 8.x will end on December 31st, 2019.

Notable changes

Child processes

  • stdout and stderr are now available on the error output of a failed call to the util.promisify()ed version of child_process.exec. [d66d4fc94c] #13388


  • A regression that broke certain scenarios in which HTTP is used together with the cluster module has been fixed. [fff8a56d6f] #13578


  • The rejectUnauthorized option now works properly for unix sockets. [c4cbd99d37] #13505


  • A change that broke npm init and other code which uses readline multiple times on the same input stream is reverted. [0df6c0b5f0] #13560

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ASPHostPortal’s Support Service for Node.js® v8.1.2

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