Why You Should Be Upgrading to Umbraco 12?

This article should serve as a gentle reminder that Umbraco v7’s End of Life (September 2023) is rapidly approaching. Since this version won’t be supported after that date, it may be time to consider an upgrade to keep your Umbraco website safe and responsive.

Although v8 won’t reach end of life until 2025, giving you considerably more time to plan your upgrade, upgrading from v7 (or even v8) to the most recent version, Umbraco 12, can be a complicated process, so it’s better to get started as soon as possible.

We would be more than pleased to assist you with your upgrading as accredited Umbraco Platinum Partners!

What does ‘End of Life’ mean?

End of life (EOL) basically indicates that after the aforementioned date, the Umbraco development team will no longer maintain the program. Releases and patches won’t be made any longer, and problems and security flaws won’t be patched either. Technically, you are still able to utilize Umbraco 7 after September (your website won’t simply evaporate), but doing so comes with the risk of future issues like a lack of security or out-of-date functionality.

Why should we upgrade to Umbraco 12?

The upcoming major release of Umbraco, version 12, is expected to be the best one yet. Staying with Umbraco v7 prevents you from using the fastest, most dependable, and most recent version of the software and prevents you from taking use of a number of interesting new features, such as:

Stronger advancements for developers: A significant number of new capabilities and enhancements that speed up and simplify development are present in both.NET 7 and ASP.NET Core 7. With C#11’s new capabilities and capability for working with raw string literals, you can create code that is cleaner and easier to read. This means that the environment in which developers operate is always current.

The Block Grid Editor is a new Property Editor that focuses on giving editors enhanced layout and content structuring capabilities. The editor offers a vastly better development experience on top of being built on cutting-edge and future-proof technologies.

Umbraco’s fastest speed thus far: There has never been a better moment to begin using Umbraco thanks to the enormous gain in performance.

Upgrading to Umbraco 12 is the easiest major upgrade yet!

When should we upgrade to Umbraco 12?

Umbraco advises always updating your program to the most recent version.

The longer you wait to upgrade it, the more expensive it becomes and the harder the task is. As a result, we strongly advise that you finish your upgrade before the deadline of September 2023!

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