Top and Reliable Kentico 9.0.48 Hosting

Top and Reliable Kentico 9.0.48 Hosting

Top and Reliable Kentico 9.0.48 Hosting

What is Kentico?

Kentico is among the best ASP.NET CMS. Kentico CMS can be a full-featured  content management system that gives a distinctive combination of robust functionality, easy-to-use interface and flexibility for both finish users and net developers. Giving you the power to improve and refine your digital strategy, align it with the needs of your customers, and create unique user experiences, Kentico 9.0.48 accelerates customer loyalty through new technologies.

Bug Description

Web farms – License key changes not synchronized correctly

Changes of license keys were not synchronized correctly between web farm servers, which could lead to logged errors in certain cases.

Media library – Resized media library images had relative URLs in emails

When sending emails from Kentico (for example in the Email queue application), images added to the email content from a media library with resized dimensions were inserted with a relative URL, which caused them to be unavailable when viewed in email clients.

Hotfix – Installations from hotfixed setup files not working

Kentico instances installed from setup files with hotfix 9.0.40 or newer applied did not work (errors occurred due to missing assembly files).

Continuous integration – Improved error logging when restoring CI data

If the restoring of continuous integration data to the database failed, it was difficult to diagnose the exact cause in certain cases. If the process fails during the composition of an object consisting of multiple parts, the error message now contains the file system paths of the related files.

Caching – Incorrect cache dependencies for imported ‘Output cache dependencies’ web parts

After exporting and importing a page template containing the ‘Output cache dependencies’ web part, the keys specified in the web part’s ‘Cache dependencies’ property were processed incorrectly and combined into a single invalid line.

Authentication – Windows authentication with character replacement disabled for roles

Windows Active Directory authentication could cause an error if replacement of forbidden characters was disabled for roles via the ‘CMSEnsureSafeRoleNames’ web.config key. The error occurred if import of AD domain groups as roles was enabled and the authenticated user belonged to at least one group with a forbidden character in its name.

How to Choose Top and Reliable Kentico 9.0.48 Hosting?

How to choose a top and reliable web host for Kentico? Choosing a top and reliable web host for Kentico 9.0.48 is not a simple task especially with low price offers. You need to take a large number of factors into consideration, including the Kentico compatibility, usability, features, speed, reliability, price, company reputation, etc. Therefore, we have established this Kentico review site, which is designed to help you find the best Kentico 9.0.48 host within minutes, based on our specialized editors’ Kentico hosting experience and real customers’ feedback.

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