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What is MojoPortal?

mojoPortal is free open source web content management software for running your website. Very user friendy,no knowledge of HTML required to create and edit content. Easily create accessible, standards compliant, mobile friendly web pages & content right from your web browser.

mojoPortal 2.7 is an extensible, cross database, mobile friendly, web content management system (CMS) and web application framework written in C# ASP.NET. Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to extend. Upgraded to the new more stable version of Ajax Control Toolkit version 15.1 which is now maintained by DevExpress. This version added basic flat rate shipping price to products in WebStore, added config settings to control whether non download webstore orders require authentication and added option to FlexMenu to control rendering of href when page is not clickable.

As with all releases of mojoPortal, when upgrading you should make sure you use the new Web.config file and restore any customizations such as the machine key from your old one. This is especially important for this release because there are quite a few changes and additions in Web.config and some of them are subtle such as control declarations for ajaxcontroltoolkit which changed only by case of a few letters.

What is New in MojoPortal 2.7?


  • Google Maps Fix
  • New Image Gallery
  • MySQL 8 support
  • pgSQL and SQLite support for SuperFlexi
  • Form Wizard form editing experience improvements

New Feature: Better Image Gallery

  • Beginning of a new image gallery. Currently replaces the Image Gallery (Simple Folder Version), will replace the other Image Gallery soon.
  • Uses Razor Views the same way the Blog Post List View module does.
  • Default layout (view)


  • pgSQL and SQLite support.
  • Allow editing when user is in AllowedEditRoles.
  • Added “SkinVersionGuid” static token.
  • Added WebApi support for retrieving SuperFlexi data.
  • Added [dbo] to all object references in mssql scripts.
  • Added Pre/Post TokenStringWhen True/False for CheckBoxes.
  • Fixed MaxItems needing high number to work properly.
  • Fixed bug where not selecting solution would break site.
  • Fixed bug where changing Solution would cause an error condition on first click of edit link.
  • Fixed bug in MySQL data layer where Int32 dbtype was used when Guid should have been used.


  • Added optional “Default Post URL Prefix” setting. Allows for automatically placing blog posts in a URL hierarchy, e.g., some.domain/my-blog/my-first-post.
  • Added logic to Remove post from Search Index if “EndDate” is set to before current date.
  • Added logic Remove post from Search Index if “IncludeInSearch” is set to false. Previously, this was only checked when creating a post, not when editing.
  • Added logic to check for Heading control on page when UsePostTitleAsPageHeading is true. This setting would hide the blog title if the page heading was no longer on the page if the ShowPageHeading setting was set in the DB from a previous skin.
  • Added logic to allow BlogPostListModule to work in ModuleWrapper.
  • Changed post title and subtitle fields to not allow HTML. Someone actually thought this was a XSS issue but only people who could add HTML to the post body (thus able to add script) could set the title and subtitle fields. SMH…


  • Removed old inline styling on table elements
  • Standardized on “thread” vs “topic” and capitalization of other phrases/words


  • Added submission limit for authenticated users.

Shared Files

  • Added granular permissions for Roles on files and folders.

Why MojoPortal?

Fairly new player in the CMS field, done in C#, already plus for me and has some moderate number of followers. There are not many modules as I can see which are developed outside the main development group. However, the modules it has suited me just fine. I think the main drawback for many people when looking at MojoPortal is the look and feel – skin. The best thing would be to choose from around 40 different skins which come with the installation and then modify them. After installing MojoPortal I felt very comfortable with it. It is really straight forward no fuss CMS. Performance was really impressive with all the modules I needed for the website. I also created a new module just to test how hard it is….it wasn’t. When it comes to updating MojoPortal, it is very easy. All you need to do is to remember to copy a config file over, your own modules and skins.

How to Choose Top and Reliable mojoPortal 2.7 Hosting?

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