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Benefits of Migrating to ASP.NET Core 7.0.2

Significant Performance Boost

You can get a very significant performance boost by moving ASP.NET Core in process with IIS.

Using in-process hosting, an ASP.NET Core app runs in the same process as its IIS worker process. This removes the performance penalty of proxying requests over the loopback adapter when using the out-of-process hosting model.

After the IIS HTTP Server processes the request, the request is pushed into the ASP.NET Core middleware pipeline. The middleware pipeline handles the request and passes it on as an HttpContext instance to the app’s logic. The app’s response is passed back to IIS, which pushes it back out to the client that initiated the request.

HTTP Client Performance Improvements

HTTP Client performance improvements are quite significant as well. Some significant performance improvements have been made to SocketsHttpHandler by improving the connection pool locking contention. For applications making many outgoing HTTP requests, such as some Microservices architectures, throughput should be significantly improved. Our internal benchmarks show that under load HttpClient throughput has improved by 60% on Linux and 20% on Windows. At the same time the 90th percentile latency was cut down by two on Linux. See Github #32568 for the actual code change that made this improvement.

.NET 7 Features – What’s New in .NET 7

After the official release of .NET 6, Microsoft immediately started working on the new version of .NET 7. In these months it has been publishing and releasing the upcoming features of .NET 7.

In this article we have compiled all the new .NET 7 features based on Microsoft Docs and their release notes. Discover all .NET 7 features!

Faster, Lighter Apps (Native AOT)

Native AOT (Ahead-of-time) is another of the new improvements and novelties that Microsoft brings this time in .NET 7. After a while, the experimental Native AOT project has become the main focus of Microsoft’s development. As many of us have been asking for a long time, Microsoft has decided to bring us a couple of updates to Native AOT.

For those who don’t know what Native AOT is, Ahead-of-time (simply AOT) generates code at compile-time instead of run-time.

At this time, Microsoft already offers ReadyToRun, also called RTR (client/server applications) and Mono AOT (mobile and WASM applications) for this purpose. In addition, Microsoft adds that Native AOT does not replace Mono AOT or WASM.

Native AOT is characterized by what its name indicates: It generates code at compile time but in Native. Its biggest advantage is the performance improvement, according to Microsoft mainly in:

  • Startup time
  • Memory usage
  • Disk size
  • Access to restricted platforms


Apart from Native AOT, we have many more new features such as the Managed Extensibility Framework update.


Microsoft also brings us improvements in support for the cloud-native specification (OpenTelemetry). Although it is still under development in .NET 7, it has been added Allow samplers to modify tracestate and Samplers should be allowed to modify tracestate.

Reduced start-up time (Write-Xor-Execute)

As we have already seen at the beginning, Microsoft has decided to focus mainly on performance improvements and this one is no exception. Now with Reimplement stubs to improve performance we have seen an improvement in startup time that, according to Microsoft, is up to 10–15%.

This is mainly due to a large reduction in the number of modifications after code creation at runtime.

The union of Blazor and .NET MAUI

As we already know, Blazor is a web application development framework and one of its main features is that Blazor has the ability to run the application views on the client side — and not on the server and then teach the browser the HTML.

?Interesting fact: In case you didn’t know, the name Blazor comes from the union of two words: Browser and Razor — the .NET HTML view generation engine.

And as we also learned in a previous article, .NET MAUI is the Framework Microsoft is working on that focuses on mobile applications. And if you’re asking yourself… Yes, many people say that .NET MAUI will be the evolution of Xamarin.

This is where Microsoft is going to do a “milkshake” with Blazor and .NET MAUI that will become Blazor Hybrid. Let’s take a closer look.

Blazor Hybrid: The revolution?

In order to explain it in the best possible way, we must go a little bit to the past (specifically 2018), which was the year of the initial release of Blazor (web). At that time it was only possible to build web pages with HTML, CSS and also with C#. This was unfeasible to think about several years ago, but now Microsoft wants to go a step further — and strong: Now, they are working on bringing together the main features and functions of Blazor and .NET MAUI to Blazor Hybrid.

Cloud Native and containers

Another new feature explained by Microsoft is the Modern Cloud. As we already know, cloud-native applications are usually built from scratch to take advantage of all the resources of containers and databases. This architecture is very good because it allows scaling applications very easily with the creation of autonomous subsystems. This, in turn, reduces costs in the long run.

What .NET will bring will be the facilitation of the creation of cloud-native applications with different kinds of improvements in the developer experience — thanks Microsoft for thinking of us.

Besides, it will simplify quite a lot the installation and configuration of authentication and authorization systems. And of course, as always, small performance improvements at application runtime.

Easier upgrading .NET applications

As we all know — and some have suffered through it, migrating older applications to .NET 6 has not been the easiest thing in the world. That’s why Microsoft is bringing new upgrade enhancements for older applications. The main points are:

  • More code analyzers
  • More code checkers
  • Compatibility checkers

All of this will come along with the .NET Upgrade Assistant that will greatly help in getting those applications upgraded, saving the developer time — thanks Microsoft.

Upgraded Hot Reload

My favorite feature of .NET 6 will be updated in .NET 7. C# Hot Reload feature will be present in Blazor WebAssembly and .NET for iOS and Android.

In addition, Microsoft includes new features such as:

  • Adding static lambdas to existing methods
  • Adding lambdas that capture this to existing methods that already have at least one lambda that captures this
  • Adding new static or non-virtual instance methods to existing classes
  • Adding new static fields to existing classes
  • Adding new classes

New APIs and improvements

System.Text.Json includes a few of small quality-of-life improvements:

  • Include a JsonSerializerOptions
  • Include a JsonWriterOptions.MaxDeph property, and verify that this value is derived from the corresponding
  • Patch methods added to System.Net.Http.Json

In previous versions this was not possible but thanks to these additions to System.Text.Json , serialization and deserialization of polymorphic type hierarchies is now possible.

Activity.Current New Standard

Currently in .NET 6, to achieve span context tracking of the different threads being managed, the most common is to use AsyncLocal<T> for this purpose.

Exposed Methods in performance-critical scenarios

The main problem this new feature solves, as Mikel Blanchard relates, is that performance tests show many allocations incurred when using enumeration interfaces.

This can now be solved by using exposed methods to enumerate properties with quick access to the elements and with no extra allocations.

Microseconds and Nanoseconds in date/time structures

The smallest time increment that could be used was the “tick” and its value is 100ns. The problem with this is that to determine a value in microseconds or nanoseconds you had to calculate everything based on the “tick” and this was not the most optimal thing in the world.

As Microsoft reports, they will now add microsecond and nanosecond values to the different date and time structures that exist.

Single Memory Cache

Now you can instantiate a single memory cache with the AddMemoryCache API. In addition, you will be able to get it injected so you can call GetCurrentStatistics.

Multiple Memory Cache

As in the previous feature, which allowed instantiating a single cache memory, we can also instantiate multiple memory cache with GetCurrentStatistics .

New Tar APIs

We will now have cross-platform APIS with which we can extract and modify (read and write) tar archives.

OSR (On Stack Replacement)

OSR (On Stack Replacement) is a great complement to tiered compilation. It allows, in the middle of the execution of a method, to change the code that is being executed by the methods that are being executed at the moment.

CopyString UTF-8 & UTF-16

New methods are now included to be able to consume decoded JSON strings. Previously this was only possible using Utf8JsonReader.GetString() but now with CopyString you can copy UTF-8 strings or even UTF-16 strings without decoding.


We now have a new analyzer. This analyzer is in charge of looking for the Regex uses with the possibility of conversion for the use of the RegexGenerator source generator.

Code fixer

Of course, if you have an Analyzer, you can’t miss a Code Fixer. Well, here it is, Microsoft tells us that the first of its two functions (for the moment, let’s keep waiting for more news) is in charge of suggesting RegexGenerator source generator methods with the possibility of overriding the name that comes by default

The second function of this code fixer that comes in .NET 7 is that, through a call to the new method, it replaces the original code.

Improved Regex source generator

The new Regex Source Generator means that you can shave off up to 5x the time spent optimizing patterns from our compiled engine without having to sacrifice any of the associated performance benefits.

Additionally, because it operates within a partial class, there is no overhead of compiling-time for instances when users know their pattern at runtime. With this feature, if your pattern can be known at compile-time, then this generator is recommended instead of our traditionally compiler based approach.

All you need to do is set up a partial declaration with an attribute called RegexGenerator which points back to the method that will return an already precompiled regular expression object (with all other features enabled). Our generator will take care of creating that method and updating it as needed according to changes made to either the original string or passed in options (like case sensitivity etc…).

SDK improvements

For those who work with .NET Framework, using dotnet newwill be a much easier task. With major updates such as an improved intuitiveness and an increased speed of tab completion, it would be hard to find anything negative about this change.

New command names

Command lines in general were changing — specifically, every command shown in this output will no longer include the --prefix as it does now. This was done to align with what a user would expect from a subcommand for an app built for command lines.

The old versions of these commands (--install, etc) are still available just in case it breaks scripts but we hope that one day there will be deprecation warnings included to those commands so you can transition over without risk.

Tab key completion

For a long time now, the dotnet command line interface has had support for tab completion on shells such as PowerShellbashzsh, and fish. The commands themselves are able to decide what they want to show when given input.

Dynamic PGO improvements

Microsoft has recently introduced a new breakthrough for program optimization. Called the Dynamic PGO, it is designed to make some key changes from the Static PGO we already know about. Where Static PGO requires developers to use special tools separately from training, Dynamic PGO doesn’t require any of that; all you need to do is run the application you are interested in optimizing and then collect data for Microsoft!

Improved System.Reflection Performance

Starting with the performance enhancements of the new .NET 7 features, we have first the enhancement of the System.Reflection namespace.The System.Reflection namespace is responsible for containing and storing types by metadata, to facilitate the retrieval of stored information from modules, members, assemblies and more.

They are mostly used for manipulating instances of loaded types and with them you can create types dynamically in a simple way.

With this update by Microsoft, now in .NET 7 the overhead when invoking a member using reflection has been reduced considerably. If we talk about numbers, according to the last benchmark provided by Microsoft (made with the package BenchmarkDotNet ) you can see up to 3–4x faster.

Loop Optimizations

This improvement is not very impressive but it still manages to improve performance significantly. This time Microsoft has decided to proceed with the elimination of the initialization conditions of the loop cloning variables.

Critical Performance Tags — 83% Faster

Microsoft tells us that it is now possible to expose tag enumerator methods. This is especially intended for critical scenarios where performance is of vital importance and can now be achieved using ActivityEvent and ActivityLink.

In this way, object enumerations can be performed with no loss of speed or performance and with easy and fast access to the elements.

Moreover, Mikel Blanchard — the author of this proposal, adds a test comparing 3 scenarios in which he clearly shows that this new feature increases performance exponentially and in turn reduces error time.

India ASP.NET Core 7.0.2 Hosting

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