How to Choose Best Fitted Solution for Your nopCommerce

Deploying your application to the server is the final and most crucial step after finishing your application or online store. You can accomplish this by utilizing various pages that share hosting resources or server areas. We want to assist you choose the best option by providing you with some information about the advantages and disadvantages of each one in the article we’re writing today.

Differences between server and hosting

A server is a real-world device that has distinct areas for the storage and transfer of resources, such as web hosting, mail hosting, and other services, to subsequent customers. Several clients’ data may be present on one server. In this instance, we discuss the idea of shared hosting. Multiple applications may be present on a private server and may take the form of different sites, programs, or even large-scale commercial apps. Owning a computer gives you the freedom to customize every function, from the operating system to the security configurations.

On the other side, hosting is a different aspect of the server’s power and capability. So-called shared hosting is achieved by having multiple hosts on a same server. Because the entire mechanism operates like a multi-family home, each of its users makes use of a single server that can be enlarged but is still constrained by parameters. Users can affect other users’ behavior, but they can always rely on the administrator, who continues to oversee the entire server, for support.

How to choose best fitted solution for your shop

Users who need complete control over their area use a dedicated server or other exclusive server. They build space, give it enough computer power, and rely on their requirements and the resources that are accessible in this way. Only the source of power and the internet are necessary. The expertise of users or subcontractors can assist in managing the server’s services. Although the owner serves as the administrator, he still needs assistance from other service providers. Although server is more expensive than hosting, it offers better scalability options and enables you to build up a setting customized for your application. This should be a preferable option if you are capable of handling administrative tasks independently.

As an alternative, we also offer shared hosting services, which are both affordable and well-liked. Typically, a customer who begins developing his online presence has no idea how large his application will be. The capacity and processing power of shared hosting are expanded by the several packets that can be upgraded to better performance plans. The terrible thing about this technique is that when you reach the maximum performance limit, hosting plans have limited resources. It would be preferable to switch to a dedicated server or virtual private server (VPS).

Recommended solution for enterprise class e-shop

Virtual private server in cloud

The Azure solutions are the most suggested services. Its virtual machines include built-in autoscale and load balancing capabilities, support Windows and Linux platforms, and let you arrange continuous deployment. It enables you to scale up your computer infinitely, offers you the ability to keep track of your spending, encrypts critical information, guards against harmful threats, and secures network traffic.

Cloud computing platform based on AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the second most well-known. It resembles Azure quite a little. AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a sample service that we can use to deploy and host the application. Web app development and scaling is simple, and everything from capacity provisioning to load balancing to auto-scaling to application health monitoring is handled automatically. It’s crucial to be aware that the application can be scaled up or down depending on its workload. The price of virtual machines is reduced by this functionality.


On the official website, recommended hostings for nopCommerce online stores are listed.

Knowing the pricing, performance, bandwidth, processing power, security, backups, certificate support, and up-time is crucial if you want to select a reputable hosting service. Additionally, hosting nopCommerce requires windows-based hosting companies that support ASP.Net Core and the SQL Server or MySQL database.

nopCommerce server requirements

Computer programs require specific hardware and software in order to function. When we install an application on a server, it is comparable. For a program to operate properly, it needs specific resources. We frequently observe that an internet store uses few resources when deployment is complete, but during peak usage, the server may be fully occupied.

Information on necessary system and technological requirements is provided by nopCommerce.

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