Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers in 2024

A hosting company that provides dependable, efficient, and customer-focused hosting services especially designed for ASP.NET applications is known as an ASP.NET web host. Support for ASP.NET, outstanding server speed, excellent pricing, an abundance of functionality, and first-rate customer support are typical traits.

The distinction between Windows hosting and ASP.NET hosting is that the former offers compatibility for a range of web applications and frameworks on a server operating system based on Microsoft Windows, while the latter is a specialized hosting environment designed exclusively for ASP.NET applications.

We conducted the tests today in order to determine the top 3 hosts in this area. Our choice is ASPHostPortal, and it wins!


For more than ten years, ASPHostPortal has been a reputable brand in the hosting sector, and its ASP.NET hosting services never cease to amaze. With IIS (Internet Information Services), Microsoft SQL Server 2022, and a plethora of other hosting options, including as site-building tools and templates, their Windows hosting provides ASP.NET developers with strength and versatility.

Numerous hosting options are available on the platform, such as dedicated, cloud, and shared hosting. Select the option that best fits your needs, both financially and specifically.

Plesk, a feature-rich control panel included with ASPHostPortal, makes website management simple, even for inexperienced users. Their user interface is simple to use and makes navigating through the many choices and settings effortless.

The excellent customer service provided by ASPHostPortal is another noteworthy benefit. Their staff of professionals guarantees a seamless hosting experience by being accessible around-the-clock to help with any technical problems or inquiries.

Accuweb Hosting

Being a top supplier of Windows-based hosting, Accuweb Hosting has distinguished itself with its ASP.NET hosting services. Accuweb Hosting’s proficiency and focus on Windows hosting environments is one of its benefits.

They have carefully tuned their servers to deliver outstanding stability and performance for ASP.NET apps. Regardless of complexity or volume of traffic, Accuweb Hosting guarantees the seamless operation of your ASP.NET website thanks to their extensive knowledge of the Windows platform.

With ultra-fast SSD hard drives and RAID design for quicker speeds, all of Accuweb Hosting’s shared hosting servers enable your ASP.NET website to withstand heavy traffic loads without sacrificing performance.

Accuweb Hosting is compatible with SQL 2017, Windows 2016, and IIS 10. Other noteworthy ASP.NET features that you may take advantage of include Complete Trust ASP.NET Access, which isolates each domain within its own application pool.

Additionally, Plesk allows you to offer a full array of website hosting services on your Windows shared hosting account automatically. With only one interface, the control panel facilitates the creation and maintenance of users, mails, host domains, and other website elements. Visit the official website to find out more about Accuweb Hosting.


One hosting company that offers complete solutions, including ASP.NET hosting, is ResellerClub. You can rely on them to make sure that everything works properly and effectively on your ASP.NET website.

The platform tunes its servers to provide your ASP.NET website with optimal speed. They assert that by integrating CloudFlare’s extensively dispersed and highly accessible edge locations, page loading times may be increased by up to 1000%.

ResellerClub’s Onyx Panel also makes managing your Windows shared hosting a breeze. The user-friendly layout of this control panel makes managing your hosting account and website simple.

Finally, ResellerClub goes above and above to ensure that your ASP.NET website is secure. Through the utilization of Cloudflare, they offer strong defense against DDoS attacks. Moreover, features like password-protected folders, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, and the email antivirus program ClamAV enhance the protection of your priceless information. Explore ResellerClub’s official website in-depth to find out more.

What Is ASP.NET Hosting?

A particular kind of web hosting called ASP.NET hosting is made especially to support websites and apps created with the ASP.NET framework. The service offers the setting and resources (databases, bandwidth, storage) required to operate and administer ASP.NET applications on web servers with dependability.

Microsoft developed the open-source web framework ASP.NET. It is employed in the development of contemporary.NET online services and applications. A variety of tools and libraries are available with ASP.NET, including Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC, Razor Pages, Entity Framework, SignalR, and Identity. They improve dynamic websites’ speed, security, and functionality. ASP.NET Core is primarily supported by the finest ASP.NET hosting.

What Is ASP.NET Core?

The current iteration of ASP.NET is called ASP.NET Core. Compared to its predecessor, this next-generation framework has been developed to offer a more cross-platform and modular web development experience.

The ability to create and execute web apps on Linux and macOS in addition to Windows makes ASP.NET Core a useful tool for developers. This cross-platform functionality makes the framework far more appealing to a larger group of developers. The most recent standards and practices for web technologies are also included in ASP.NET Core. Examples include cloud-native support, containerization, HTML5 and CSS3 standards, and RESTful API design.

Is ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core the Same?

Yes, with major changes to Microsoft’s.NET framework, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core are now regarded as synonymous. The classic.NET-based web development framework was initially called ASP.NET. But ever since Microsoft started to combine.NET and.NET Core with their.NET 5 release in November 2020, ASP.NET Core has essentially taken its place. Within the.NET ecosystem, the unification signaled a move toward ASP.NET Core as the main framework for web development. This indicates that the only ASP.NET version that is usable for developing new applications is ASP.NET Core.

What Is The Cost Of ASP.NET Hosting?

ASP.NET hosting may be purchased for $5 to $30 a month. Hosting packages that enable the usage of both the old and new.NET frameworks are included in this pricing. This ensures that a variety of ASP.NET apps will work with it. Microsoft SQL Server/MSSQL, which offers the database administration features required for dynamic website functionality, is also frequently supported by ASP.NET hosting services.

Can I Use Cheap ASP.NET Hosting?

Yes, you may utilize inexpensive ASP.NET hosting, with monthly prices no more than $15. In order to efficiently host an ASP.NET application, these cost-effective hosting packages include with basic resources like 500GB of bandwidth, 10GB of SSD storage, and one website. They give just enough resources for modest ASP.NET websites or apps with moderate resource requirements, but not the infinite resources seen in higher end plans. For those who want to use ASP.NET technology without having to spend a lot of money on hosting, cheap ASP.NET hosting is a sensible option.

Are There Free ASP.NET Hosting Services Available?

Unfortunately, free ASP.NET hosting is not offered. For web providers, free ASP.NET hosting is unfeasible due to the expenses involved in meeting the specifications and functionalities of the framework, which include server-side technologies and database integration.

Is ASP.NET Hosting Exclusive For Windows OS Only?

 No, ASP.NET hosting is not exclusive for Windows OS only. ASP.NET hosting has expanded its compatibility to include Linux and macOS when they introduced the ASP.NET Core framework and the Kestrel web server. This multi-platform capability allows developers to choose an operating system that best fits their needs or preferences.

What Is the ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle from Microsoft?

 The ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle from Microsoft is a package designed to simplify the process of setting up a Windows server for hosting ASP.NET Core applications. It contains essential components such as the .NET runtime and the ASP.NET Core runtime. The package also adds the ASP.NET Core IIS Module when installed on a server running IIS (Internet Information Services). This module is crucial for smoothly integrating ASP.NET Core applications with the IIS web server.

What Is the Kestrel Web Server?

Kestrel is a cross-platform web server for ASP.NET Core. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is the recommended server for running ASP.NET Core applications thanks to its efficiency and lightweight nature. Kestrel is configured by default in ASP.NET Core project templates, which means it’s the primary server for such applications right out of the box. It also operates as the default web server in scenarios where IIS or another web server is not installed.

What Is The Difference Between ASP.NET Hosting And Windows Hosting?

The main difference between ASP.NET hosting and Windows hosting lies in their specialized focus and capabilities. Windows hosting refers to web hosting services that use servers running the Windows OS. This type supports a variety of Windows-specific technologies and applications, such as IIS, Windows Server, and Microsoft SQL Server. It’s a broad category designed to cater to various Windows-based services and applications.

ASP.NET hosting is specifically tailored to support ASP.NET, a server-side web application framework developed by Microsoft. But whilst ASP.NET is by Microsoft, ASP.NET hosting is not limited to Windows environments. It provides the necessary environment, tools, and resources to efficiently run ASP.NET websites and applications on various operating systems. ASP.NET hosting falls under the umbrella of Windows hosting, but it is distinct in its specialization for ASP.NET applications.

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