Best ASP.NET Hosting for MySQL

Best ASP.NET Hosting for MySQL – MySQL is merely probably the most effective way of storing data. It is versatile, comprehensive, and avoids storing data in 1 massive area. MySQL is utilised with a number of scripting languages, essentially the most common of which getting PHP.

MySQL, is created, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. MySQL Server has a practical set of features developed in close cooperation with our users. It is really likely that your favored application or language supports the MySQL Database Server. Performance and scalability is actually a priority for MySQL, understanding from community feedback and taking into account trends and developments in personal computer hardware and its architecture.

Changes in MySQL 5.7.19

Account Management Notes

  • During data directory initialization or upgrade, MySQL now creates a 'mysql.session'@'localhost' reserved account. This account is used internally by plugins to access the server. It is locked so that it cannot be used for client connections. (Bug #25642343)

Compilation Notes

  • Solaris: On Solaris, MySQL binary distributions are now linked against, so they are no longer dependent on (Bug #25909965)

Deprecation and Removal Notes

  • InnoDB: The innodb_undo_logs configuration option is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Theinnodb_rollback_segments configuration option performs the same function and should be used instead.The Innodb_available_undo_logs status variable is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Packaging Notes

  • mysqladmin was added to Docker/Minimal packages because it is needed by InnoDB Cluster. (Bug #25998285)
  • Debian/Ubuntu packages now support multiple MySQL instances with systemd. See Managing MySQL Server with systemd. (Bug #24559588, Bug #82785)

Security Notes

  • Security Fix: The linked OpenSSL library for the MySQL Commercial Server has been updated to version 1.0.2l. Issues fixed in the new OpenSSL version are described at change does not affect the Oracle-produced MySQL Community build of MySQL Server, which uses the yaSSL library instead. (Bug #26160962)
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition now supports LDAP pluggable authentication of MySQL users. This enables MySQL Server to use LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to authenticate MySQL users by accessing directory services such as X.500. For more information, see Pluggable Authentication.
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition now includes a keyring_aws plugin that communicates with the Amazon Web Services Key Management Service as a back end for key generation and uses a local file for key storage. For more information, see The MySQL Keyring.

Spatial Data Support

  • These functions previously accepted either WKB strings or geometry arguments. Use of geometry arguments is now deprecated and generates a warning. Geometry arguments will not be accepted in MySQL 8.0.
    • ST_GeomCollFromWKB()ST_GeometryCollectionFromWKB()
    • ST_GeomFromWKB()ST_GeometryFromWKB()
    • ST_LineFromWKB()ST_LinestringFromWKB()
    • ST_MLineFromWKB()ST_MultiLinestringFromWKB()
    • ST_MPointFromWKB()ST_MultiPointFromWKB()
    • ST_MPolyFromWKB()ST_MultiPolygonFromWKB()
    • ST_PointFromWKB()
    • ST_PolyFromWKB()ST_PolygonFromWKB()

    For information about migrating queries that refer to those functions away from using geometry arguments to using WKB arguments, see Functions That Create Geometry Values from WKB Values.

Test Suite Notes

  • now has a --test-progress option to cause display of the percentage of tests remaining. (Bug #25601131, Bug #20755059, Bug #76455)
  • These changes were made to the --xml-report option for
    • <failure> tag identifies any test failing on a retry attempt.
    • Separate statistics and fields are included for skipped and disabled tests.
    • The XML report is created in the build directory if no absolute path is given for out-of-source builds.
    • For combination runs, a field named variation is included in the <testcase> tag.
    • Results for all tests belonging to a suite are aggregated within a single <testsuite> tag.
    • Information regarding failures is reported with a brief reason in an attribute named message, along with other details within the tag.

    (Bug #25349924)

  • now supports a --report-unstable-tests option that has these effects:
    • Reports any test that has passed using at least one retry attempt in a separate category called “Unstable tests” in the summary.
    • If all failures are due to unstable tests, produces a warning but exits successfully.
    • Adds a new XML tag to report unstable tests, if the --xml-report option is also specified.

    (Bug #24473420, Bug #25984429)

  • mysqltest now supports a replace_numeric_round command that takes an argument value from 0 to 16 indicating the number of decimals to round numeric values to. This can be used to help prevent result content mismatch errors for tests in which slightly different results are obtained across platforms due to precision differences. Thanks to Daniel Black for the patch. (Bug #23280117, Bug #81399)

X Plugin Notes

  • X Plugin now handles expired SSL certificates correctly. (Bug #25835833)
  • The output of clauses such as GROUP BY and HAVING has been improved by moving the grouping_criteria expression to the derived query. (Bug #25549637, Bug #24497007)

Platform-Specific Notes

  • Linux: The generic Linux build for MySQL 5.7 is now built on Oracle Linux 6 using glibc 2.12. Systems that use the build need to have glibc 2.12 or later installed on them. (Bug #26005558)
  • Linux: The generic Linux build for MySQL 5.7 now supports Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) on its host system. Systems that use the build need to have libnuma installed on them. See Installing MySQL on Unix/Linux Using Generic Binaries for more details. (Bug #26005558)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Replication: The group_replication_transaction_size_limit variable was added to enable you to protect a group against large transactions causing a failure. (Bug #84785, Bug #25510757)
  • Replication: Group Replication now supports SQL transaction SAVEPOINT.
  • RPM .spec files now include support for running unit tests. (Bug #25814143, Bug #85743)
  • For Windows, MSI installer packages now include a check for the required Visual Studio redistributable package, and produce a message asking the user to install it if it is missing. (Bug #25658832)
  • The mysql client now supports a --binary-as-hex option that causes display of binary data using hexadecimal notation (0xvalue). Thanks to Daniël van Eeden for the patch. (Bug #25340722, Bug #84391)
  • The audit_log filter parser now produces errors for unexpected JSON elements in filter definitions. (Bug #24360663)
  • The libmysqld embedded server library is deprecated and will be removed in MySQL 8.0. These are also deprecated and will be removed:

    • The mysql_config --libmysqld-libs--embedded-libs, and --embedded options
    • The (undocumented) mysql --server-arg option
    • The mysqltest --embedded-server--server-arg, and --server-file options
    • The mysqltest_embedded and mysql_client_test_embedded test programs As The Best ASP.NET Hosting for MySQL

ASPHostPortal Totally Help MySQL Hosting

To work with all of MySQL versions particularly the newest version, you ought to pick reputable hosting business that has fully support. Even though ASPHostPortal is ASP.NET hosting providers, however they usually give completely assistance of all MySQL versions. Their support attributes is very updateable.

ASPHostPortal Reliability

As is recognized, reliability is really a best concern for webmasters hosting MySQL internet sites, hence ASPHostPortal exerts to providing satisfying uptime so as to help keep internet sites operating stably and smoothly. This hosting provider guarantees 99.9% uptime.

ASPHostPortal Pricing

ASPHostPortal pricing is very low cost and really competitive; a hosting program goes for as low as $1.00/month monthly. And to start MySQL hosting you just need to pay $5.00/mo. They’re 1 on the cheapest hosting place there which nevertheless delivers good service for customer’s money. They have eight diverse plans which give flexibility along with the opportunity to go for a program that suits customers’ requirements as well as their pocket.

ASPHostPortal World Class Control Panel

As 1 in the most webmaster friendly net hosting provider, ASPHostPortal provides out all the comfort to their consumer to manage the server very easily. ASPHostPortal chooses Plesk Control Panel because the Windows ASP.NET web hosting control panel. Plesk Handle Panel is an easy-to-use and visual made control panel for Windows/ASP.NET internet hosting. With Plesk Control Panel you’ll be able to very easily handle all about your web sites, like domains, files, databases, scheduled tasks, FTP accounts, emails and much more.

ASPHostPortal Has MySQL Specialist Help Group

Their MySQL Specialist Help Group is extremely friendly. Really feel free of charge to ask all of your difficulties to them. They may be constantly able to assist you to 24/7/365. In the event you prefer to contact their help, you’ll be able to contact them with generate ticket. As usual, the ticket can be replied inside half an hour, the response speed is a lot more rapidly than any other net hosting. Only rapidly is not adequate, it has to be professional, you could possibly discover there’re much far more happy customers with ASPHostPortal, considering that these guys are more expert in assisting the consumers. In all, the support group is real great!

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