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Are You Looking for Best and Cheap Windows Server 2022 Hosting?

What makes for the best Windows hosting? Most if not all of the best web hosting services offer plans designed for use with Windows machines, while some specialize in offering the best Linux hosting services. While that type of hosting is ideal given many hosts use Linux servers, there are many advantages of using Microsoft and Windows over Linux when it comes to web hosting.

Among these are that Windows is ideal for websites based on ASP.NET, .NET, or other Microsoft technologies, and are also best for those planning to use Microsoft stack products. In such specific cases, the best Windows hosting is what you should be aiming for, and fortunately, it doesn’t commit you to use Microsoft apps.

In fact, as you’ll see below, many of the best Windows hosting providers support common apps and CMSs like PrestaShop, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla across their hosting services. In addition, should you not have cPanel, similar apps like Plesk enable email account creation, site status checks, remote desktop features, and more.

There are of course some notable issues for top Windows hosting services, such as license fees, a smaller app selection, and limited options when it comes to troubleshooting. However, despite these, the best Windows hosting services are still the top choice in many situations. Read on to see which hosts we ranked top.


  • Most plans are affordable
  • Cloud-powered SSD with Intel Xeon vCPUs
  • Run Windows Server 2022 operating system edition
  • Superb 99.99% uptime rate and 24/7 support
  • A range of data centers
  • Ideal for high-traffic websites and apps
  • Robust infrastructure
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lots of supported dev technologies
  • Instant upgrades without downtime
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Windows Server 2022 hosting has a reputation for being costly, but the shared Windows range from ASPHostPortal shows that it doesn’t have to be that way. Prices start at $3.81 a month, you can already get their entry-level package. You get to host an unlimited website, 5 GB SSD disk space, 60 GB bandwidth, and this plan includes MSSQL and MySQL databases too.


  • The knowledge and expertise of over 3,000 engineers trained in all things Linux, Windows, and VMWare
  • Government Cloud Solutions
  • Rackspace’s top-notch support
  • Four plans of high-quality
  • Superb E-commerce management
  • Leader Innovation in App and Web Development
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Rackspace is a provider of managed cloud services. It specializes in a variety of different web hosting services aimed at businesses across the globe. Rackspace let you choose from a range of configurations and add-ons. All Rackspace Cloud plans come with solid-state drives (SSD) as standard. For the latest and most up-to-date prices visit Rackspace’s website.

  • Unlimited data storage and bandwidth
  • One-Click Installer
  • Fewer number websites on each server
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Free website migration for new customers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
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If you’re looking for more granular control over your hosting environment (despite having a shared package), HostForLIFE offers a few features that can help you meet your goals. In addition to being able to run an unlimited disk space and bandwidth, HostForLIFE supports the following: MSSQL database, MySQL database, ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET 5, and all versions of ASP.NET Core.

Windows Server 2022

Microsoft announced their new release of Windows Server 2022. Windows Server 2022 comes with many new features and improvements compared to the previous releases. Windows Server 2022 is the most secure, reliable, and Azure-compatible operating system that Microsoft developed. With the recent data breaches that cost millions of dollars, Microsoft developed Windows Server 2022 with top-notch security parameters to combat the increasing security threats.

Windows Server 2022 has a higher focus on security and comes with advanced multi-layer security and hybrid capabilities with Azure. The new features are focused on helping protect hardware, firmware, and OS capabilities from advanced security threats.

Let’s get started with the new features!

1.   Storage Improvements

One of the major improvements can be found here in the Server 2022 version. Advanced data storage upgrades are built into the 2022 servers:

  • Advanced caching automatically stores important data on faster storage volumes while keeping the less critical ones on slower volumes.
  • Storage improvement, which fixes the hard drives faster in case of server restart or hardware failure.
  • ReFS snapshot feature takes snapshots of data at constant times, regardless of size.

2.   Updated Security measures

The most notable improvements ensure that the server is self-reliant to process sensitive data and critical applications. The entire server core is protected from the perspective of hardware, firmware, and drivers to prevent cyber attacks. The security protocols and enhancements are:

  • DNS support with DNS-over-HTTPS
  • Server Message Block AES-256 and SMB East-West encryption
  • SMB over QUIC
  • HTTPS and TLS 1.3
  • Azure Arc
  •  Azure Automanage

Windows Server 2022 also comes equipped with DRTM (Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement) and DMA (Direct Memory Access) to prevent firmware-related cyber attacks.

Hypervisor security is also upgraded with virtualization-based security technology (VBS).VBS allows individual processes to be isolated from the operating system. With this technology in place, if an attack occurs, then the attack does not spread to other parts of the system.

3.   Server hardware improvements

With the new Server 2022, the hardware limitations have been extended. Windows Server 2022 supports 48 TB of memory and 2048 logical cores running on 64 physical sockets. It also supports Intel’s Ice Lake SGX processor, which helps in isolating sensitive data in an encrypted processor section during processing.

4.   Improvements in Azure capacity

Microsoft Azure capabilities have been extended in Windows Server 2022 by introducing virtualization support outside the network and other vendors. Azure Arc-enabled servers offer a comprehensive and secure approach to integration anywhere in on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge environments.

5.   Improvements in networking

The two major networks used in Networking are TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol), which have been significantly improved with the new Windows Server version.

For UDP: In all Windows 2022 servers, UDP Segmentation Offload (USO) and UDP Receive Side Coalescing (UDP RSC) are included, which helps in reducing CPU load times.

For TCP: To reduce packet loss during connection startup, Windows Server 2022 comes equipped with TCP HyStart++ and RACK to shorten retransmission times.

QUIC: This feature appeals to IT professionals because it makes it easy to copy files remotely without the need for a VPN over an advanced SMB (Message Block Server).

With the adoption of Microsoft Windows Server 2022, enterprises can manage their businesses with a secure infrastructure, integrate their existing virtual environments into their hybrid cloud models, and restructure their applications to meet demanding growth.

There are a lot of new features, and with Windows 2022 Servers, you can expect increased security measures in place. The new release also provides secured connectivity that introduces several new capabilities, such as faster and more secure encrypted HTTPS connections.

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