Top and Reliable WordPress 4.3 Hosting

Top and Reliable WordPress 4.3 Hosting

Top and Reliable WordPress 4.3 Hosting

On August 18th, 2015, WordPress Version 4.3, named after jazz musician Billie Holiday, was released to the public. New features in 4.3 make it even easier to format your content and customize your site. This release features menus in the customizer, strong passwords by default, site icons, and variety of other improvements.

Top and Reliable WordPress 4.3 Hosting

What’s new in WordPress 4.3?

Menus in Customizer

Widgets were added to customizer in WordPress 3.9, and it was logical to expect the same for menus. Now with WordPress 4.3, you will be able to edit, create, and manage menus from the customizer. Simply go to Appearance » Customize and then click on the Menus tab.

New Site Icon Feature

WordPress did not have a feature to add site icon or favicon. Users had to manually upload their favicon or use plugins to add them. With WordPress 4.3, you can add your site icon from WordPress admin area.

Stronger Passwords by Default

Many security conscious users wanted WordPress to automatically suggest strong passwords for new users. WordPress 4.3 will now suggest stronger passwords by default.

Editor Enhancements

The post editing area is where most WordPress users spend their time. This is where you create content, and WordPress makes it super easy to do that with its simple and beautiful visual editor. However, pressing the button means using the mouse or touchpad which breaks the pace of writing.

Comments Off for Pages in WordPress

Pages in WordPress are supposed to be static non-chronological content. See our guide on the difference between WordPress posts vs pages. This means that in most usage scenarios you don’t need to turn on comments for pages. However, WordPress have had comments enabled for pages by default. Users had to manually turn off comments for their pages in WordPress.

Improved List Views

There are many improvements for the admin area on mobile devices. The goal of this improvements is to provide a better and consistent user experience on smaller screens.

Improved Press This Tool

Work continued on the revamped Press This tool. In WordPress 4.3, the Press This tool now has a text editor as well as visual. Many advance WordPress users find text editor to be more useful for their needs than visual editor. This change will allow them to easily switch.

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