Top and Reliable PrestaShop v1.7.0.3 Hosting

Top and Reliable PrestaShop v1.7.0.3 Hosting

Top and Reliable PrestaShop Hosting

What’s PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools necessary for building a successful online shop. To create an online store with PrestaShop you need reliable web hosting services.

It comes with over 275 features being carefully developed in order to increase business owners’ sales with minimal efforts required. All the software features are absolutely free.

PrestaShop is free software as it’s specified in the GNU General Public License and officially started in August 2007 for small and medium-size businesses. The software, based on the Smartly template engine, nowadays is used by more than 100,000 shops all over the world.

What is New in PrestaShop v1.7.0.3?

Create a Product Page

A brand new way to add products to your catalogue! Refreshed interface, quick actions, shortcuts, automatic management for combinations and much more… They entirely rebuilt it to showcase the most relevant features and allow merchants to do this task quicker than ever!

Back Office Navigation

The back office has been refreshed, with an improved UI/UX experience making it easier to browse. They’ve also rethink the navigation menu to make it clearer and organize it in 3 big topics: sell, improve and configure.

Parent / Child themes

By allowing anyone to create a child theme, designers and developers will be able to modify a theme without being worry to update it and lose all the work done.

Starter Theme

Free from any markups or custom style, allowing designers & front-end developers to build amazing templates in no time.

Introducing Symfony

The famous and robust framework has been introduced in some parts of the software, allowing their team to focus on ecommerce specifics.

Changelog In Version

Back Office:

Bug fix:

  • #7169: Add Request to hook parameters
  • #7151: Allow installed modules translation from translation page
  • #7024: Fixed product permissions
  • #7153: Update docs & compile
  • #7143: Fixed image of module on Payment page
  • #7091: Fix some of the functions on the product page (JS)
  • #7090: Fix error when saving traslations (
  • #7028: Removed module card on uninstall
  • #7215: TinyMCE media plugin shouldn’t be activated twice

Front Office:

Bug fix:

  • #7130: Fix nav header menu icon on classic
  • #7046: Fix classic css override of featuredproduct
  • #7160: Fix sort by text display
  • #7131: Fix bootstrap version
  • #7077: Fix “too much recursion” error on ajax search
  • #7078: Fix select filter & filter criteria by ajax



  • #6984: Use the right languages name
  • #7146: Updated README

Bug fix:

  • #7224: Removed finfo use for theme upload
  • #7205: Fix warnings in translate.php
  • #7200: Fix module install and blank screen after PS install
  • #7197: Check in Symfony catalog for translations for native modules
  • #7191: Shutdown addons client on error
  • #7190: Escape translated strings to prevent XSS
  • #7187: Fix already defines smarty function
  • #7184: Fix inactive scope for request in HookManager
  • #7173: Revert “BO: fixed other XSS issues on translation module page”
  • #7165: Licences & assets
  • #7156: Fix SmartyLazyLoader for multiple smarty instances
  • #7087: Protect translations display against XSS injections
  • #7129: Fix timeout option for guzzle config
  • #7144: Use default catalog as a fallback
  • #7119: Use PhpParser to check parse errors in modules
  • #7134: Fix mails with invoices
  • #7080: Add unit price to order confirmation mail (
  • #7096: Use english email template as fallback in getEmailTemplateContent

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