Top and Reliable SugarCRM 8 Hosting

Top and Reliable SugarCRM 8 Hosting

WindowsHostingLeader will recommend you for Top and Reliable Windows Hosting for SugarCRM 8. Customer relations management is a vital element to any business. This organization role encompasses buyer help, marketing and sales. SugarCRM is actually a web-based customer relations management (CRM) tool that facilitates all of those organization roles by bringing them with each other beneath a unified software technique. This makes it possible for consumer relations specialists to speedily and effectively deal with a wide selection of buyer demands.

SugarCRM might be accessed by means of a website, which is generally hosted internally by a organization. This only permits personnel in the organization to access the site. Specialized telephony hardware may be incorporated with SugarCRM, enabling for simple integration of telephone support into the CRM package. This can be accomplished by installing an IP-based phone method that hyperlinks straight for the server that hosts the software.

CRM software is essential for a variety of factors. It’s usually employed to track client orders, billing history, and catalog any complaints they may have. By placing all of this info below 1 unified application method, client service specialists can bring up information about a customer rapidly. This results in a quicker turnaround time for customer service concerns, and it could also result in more correct problem resolution. By centralizing all client relation services beneath a single unified program, a CRM software system maximizes the utility of every client relations specialist.

Benefit from the power inside the Sugar platform and bring the Sugar advantage for your enterprise. Here’s how:


Powerful workflow tools in Sugar allow you to automate and optimize even the most complex business practices – to heighten customer experiences, drive productivity and reduce operating costs.


Your CRM system should run like your business, not the other way around. Only Sugar offers fast, simple customization without limits. With Sugar, your CRM is as unique as you.


Whether going global and taking advantage of the more than 26 supported languages and currencies; or integrating with the hundreds of third party tools and apps in the Sugar ecosystem – the Sugar platform makes it easier than ever.


With the ability to deploy your CRM on your terms, and in the location of your choice – with Sugar you reap the benefits greater control and ownership. The Sugar platform can run virtually anywhere – helping global companies comply with government and industry mandates, provide greater data privacy, and simply have greater access and control over sensitive customer data.

Our editorial WindowsHostingLeader team chooses Top and Reliable Windows Hosting for SugarCRM 8 because of the value, functions, loading speed, technical assistance, assure, and company reputation. Sugar simply adapts to any organization atmosphere by supplying a far more versatile, cost-effective option than proprietary applications. Pick for your SugarCRM 8 Hosting demands as well as your knowledge is going to be so sweet. With their easy-to-use auto-installer, you are able to setup SugarCRM with 1-click!

What’s New in SugarCRM 8?

Sugar 8 is a “roll-up” or culmination of the preceding quarterly releases, combining the features released in Fall ’17, Winter ’18, and the Spring ’18 features listed above. Among these features, users will find that Sugar 8 includes a completely modernized user experience of the Sugar application, offering a more elegant design that provides superior legibility and ease-of-use, and consistency with Sugar mobile. Read more about this and other exciting new feature updates below:

Data Privacy Enhancements

SugarCRM has always held a strong commitment to openness and transparency. In light of increasing consumer demand for data privacy rights and data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, we’re excited to announce a completely new set of features that enable our customers to work in accordance with data privacy regulations within Sugar.

  • The new Data Privacy module allows users to record and track data privacy requests and events.
  • A new out-of-the-box Data Privacy Manager role gives designated users the ability to close data privacy records and permanently erase personal information.
  • Fields can now be designated as personally identifying information which enables them to be permanently erased and included in the record’s View Personal Info option.
  • Data Privacy Managers now have the ability to immediately and permanently erase personal information fields from their Sugar database via the Data Privacy module.
  • The View Personal Info screen shows the record’s personal information fields along with the current field value, source of the value, and date the value was set.
  • The Data Privacy module includes the ability to track the gain or loss of consent, allowing users to record the business purposes to which an individual has consented in the new Business Purposes Consented For field.
  • Available via Admin > System Email Settings, admins can configure whether new email addresses added to Sugar records default to opted-in or opted-out.
  • An opt-in checkbox now gets added to web-to-lead forms containing email address fields to allow visitors to explicitly indicate that they wish to receive marketing emails.
  • Admins now have the ability to stop activity streams from displaying or storing new entries.
  • The change log is now called “Audit Log” and includes the following improvements:
    • Audit logs now capture the setting of fields starting at record creation.
    • Audit log now captures the source from which each field change originated.
    • Email addresses now have a separate audit log which records when the address is marked as opted-out or invalid.
    • Users can now view the Audit Log for records in the Targets module.
    • The audit log header now displays the name of the current record to better identify which record’s audit log you are viewing.
  • More detail about data privacy and how it affects Sugar customers can be found in the Data Privacy & Sugar community space.

Additional Enhancements

Improved User Interface

  • Modern and sleek new design with updated colors and shapes appear throughout Sugar’s Sidecar user interface.
  • Layout changes made to record previews in the intelligence pane which have a more usable layout and updated look and feel.
  • More detail on this, including important information for developers, can be found in this blog post from our Director of Developer Advocacy, Matt Marum: A new Sugar UX coming in Winter ’18.
Reports and Charts

  • Report charts are now enabled for drill-through, allowing users to click on a segment of a report’s chart to view a list of records belonging to that segment.
  • The following operations are also available when drilling through a report chart: Record Actions menu, Mass Actions menu, Favorite designation, Checkbox selection, and Refresh option.
  • More detail on this feature can be found in this blog post from our Director of Product Management (Relationship Intelligence, Reports and Insights), Deepak Deolalikar: Chart Drill Through in Winter ’18 Release.
Dashboards and Dashlets

  • The Select a Report field now allows users to search and select their desired report when adding or editing the Saved Reports Chart dashlet.
  • The View Report option has been added to the Saved Reports Chart dashlet allowing users to access the originating report’s detail view.
  • Dashboards can now be shared with teams of users, pulled into their views by users, and pushed to teams of users by system admin users.

  • The Emails module now uses the Sidecar interface. It has been redesigned to store copies of email messages sent from Sugar or archived via one of the various email archiving options. Users can view and work with email records much like they view and work with records in other Sidecar modules.
  • Users can configure multiple SMTP accounts to send email from Sugar.
  • Explicitly related emails can be unlinked from the Emails subpanel of related records.
  • A filter has been added to the Emails list view to quickly find emails with attachments.

  • Reintroduction of the ability for users to create quote records via duplication.
  • The original quote’s line items, groups, comments, and related account and opportunity data will carry over to the new quote.
Product Catalog Dashlet

  • Easily find and add products directly from the Product Catalog dashlet as you create and edit quote records and, in Enterprise and Ultimate editions, as revenue line items as you create and edit opportunity records.
  • The Product Catalog dashlet can be added to Sidecar modules and the home page. The dashlet will be read-only when added to the home page, a module’s list view, or, for Enterprise and Ultimate customers, a module’s record view that does not contain a Revenue Line Items subpanel.
  • More detail on this dashlet can be found in Product Catalog Dashlet: Available everywhere soon! and Coming in Winter ’18: The new Product Catalog Dashlet, written by our Senior Product Manager for this feature, Drew McDaniel.
Sidecar Updates

  • Multiple team selection is now supported when filtering based on the Teams field in Sidecar modules.
  • The following modules now use the Sidecar user interface:
    Contracts Currencies Shipping Providers
    Contract Type Manufacturers Tax Rates
Advanced Workflow (Available in Enterprise and Ultimate Editions)

  • The Rules Builder has been completely redesigned for usability with improvements that include row sorting via drag and drop, mass moving of rows, and mass deleting of rows.
  • Receive Message events can detect that a particular field has changed and, optionally, react according to the value it changes to or from. This functionality was previously exclusive to Start events.
  • The History window for Advanced Workflow processes has been optimized for better readability.
  • A Sugar date variable labeled “Run Time” has been added to Add Related Record and Change Field actions in Advanced Workflow. The Run Time variable is essentially a “now” option, as it represents the moment that the action executes (e.g., change a date field to Run Time + 2 weeks).
Additional Updates

  • Administrators now have the ability to add or remove custom API platform identifiers via Admin > Configure API Platforms.
  • Additional configuration options have been added for configuring SSO using SAML.

This release also includes additional fixes to address issues in previous releases of Sugar, detailed in the Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional Release Notes.

Sugar 8 is compatible and supported for new installations and upgrades for customers running a MySQL, DB2, Oracle, or MSSQL stack. Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported configurations. Changes to supported platforms in this release include:

  • PHP: Removed support for 5.6
  • Windows Server: Removed support for 2012
  • MySQL: Removed support for 5.6
  • SQLServer: Added support for 2014 SP2, removed support for 2012 and 2014
  • Elasticsearch: Added support for 5.4 and 5.6, removed support for 1.7.5

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