Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

There are a number of free web hosting companies that are available on the World Wide Web, whom you can hire or rent to host your website. In addition, for your surprise you will find that there are a number of web hosting companies that offers, free webhosting servers, which is not a good practice if you are serious about blogging and establishing your website. Spending some money on these websites is worth the money spent and you should know why free web hosting services are not that good.

1. Hidden costs and limitations:

Most of these free online webhosting companies have a number of various hidden costs, which will incur you some costs that can result in hefty bills, once you cross the allowed free quota. You will also be constrained by not being in a position to lose your customers by transferring your website domain name at that instance, especially with the increasing competition. Nevertheless, free webhosting will not allow you to have *.htaccess or FTP support, both of which are vital for enhanced security.

2. No technical support:

When you are going to use web hosting services that are free, the access to help and technical support from the server administrators is nil, and therefore you will require sorting things by yourself, which can give a negative mark on your blog.

3. Advertisement trouble:

When you are hosting your website over a free service, then there is an issue that the web hosting company will want to publish their revenue generating advertisements, leaving you with no or less option to generate revenue from your websites at your discretion. You will not be able to demand your web hosting company as to where the advertisements are being placed also.

4. No Redirect and Sub domain:

As the free web hosting will not be offering you with a professional control panel to manage your web hosting services, you will not be able to redirect to different domains at your convenience, create new redirects and will make your website static. They are not good if you are planning for a website that will be growing with time, and is not good for installing scripts like WordPress and others.

5. Control Panel Problems:

When you cannot design your own control panel and use that of the free web hosting services, this is good for personal and non monetizing websites, but is no good for websites that are going to be grown rapidly and you aim to monetize and establish as a web media technological business. Thus, it is also important that you need a full control over the website for preventing hacking of your website and administration issues, which will enable you to decide how much freedom that you can allot for different kinds of users, and you having the entire control. This will not happen in a free web hosting service, where the site administration is managed by someone else, and you are not given the full control.

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