Reasons to Avoid EIG Hosting Companies

We shall discuss Endurance International Group, or EIG, in this post. We’ll talk about why people despise EIG businesses. Along with some of the hosts who are EIG firms, we’ll also aim to teach you more about them. Along with learning about the organization, you will be introduced to a few other hosting choices. Make sure to listen in until the very end to discover which ones we suggest.

History Of EIG

In the hosting sector, Endurance International Group is a major player. This American corporation, originally known as BizLand, was established back in 1997. The business adheres to the notion of economies of scale. It accomplishes this by purchasing smaller businesses. In 2013, EIG went public.

They currently own dozens of businesses, making them one of the major participants in the hosting industry. But the fact that they allow the businesses to retain their identities is what complicates their business strategy. This makes it difficult to determine the identity of the hosting provider, which is one of the main reasons that people are against EIG.

They frequently also alter how things are carried out. They allegedly frequently outsource things to a labor pool at a low cost. Poor support is the main cause of the majority of major complaints about EIG.

Hiring inexpensive labor is, in fact, a common technique for many businesses these days. Some of these things, in my opinion, are exaggerated. But over the years, these have been some of the most frequent grievances we have encountered.

Some Popular EIG Companies

It is nearly hard to talk about every company that EIG owns because the corporation is continually growing. Rather, we will concentrate solely on the more notable participants that you are probably going to come across while selecting hosts. Listed below are:

  • BlueHost – this is one of the best known, and the biggest hosting companies out there. BlueHost is the recommended company by WordPress. It also has decent support, good security, and uptime, plus affordable pricing.
  • HostGator – one of the biggest names in the industry, HostGator is also owned by EIG. HostGator has over eight million domains on their servers, which is really something. They have affordable prices and scalable plans, with their managed WordPress hosting being particularly good. Overall, a decent host.
  • iPage – those of you who are on an ultra-tight budget might like iPage. This host is cheap, and you do get a lot for the money, for example, a free SSL. But, their speeds and uptime are not the best, which has to be said. A good option for bargain-hunters who are just starting out.
  •  A Small Orange – this is an OK company, at least if you are from the USA, where they have good site speeds. They don’t have the best support, but they do have an excellent 90-day trial period.

You might not be familiar with the other hundreds of companies that EIG owns. HostMonster, FatCow,, iPower, JustCloud, PureHost, FastDomain,, and several others are a few of them.

They are constantly growing, acquiring international businesses involved in the name and hosting sectors.

So What’s Wrong With EIG Hosting?

As you can see, EIG has been progressively dominating the hosting sector. While that in and of itself is not problematic, let’s delve a little more as there are some hidden problems with this global corporation.

It’s All About The Profit

While financial success is the aim of any business, large corporations such as EIG operate under the philosophy that “the ends justify the means.”

EIG looks to lower costs on introductory deals in order to increase revenue. They often purchase inexpensive hosts, further reduce the cost, and attempt to entice clients to use them exclusively. It is important to acknowledge that this is a widely used strategy in the hosting sector.

Like many giants, they boost their margins by cutting service costs in order to lower pricing. In several instances, they have achieved this by restructuring the workforce.

Given how much the hosting sector depends on support, this might be a serious issue. Every website owner is aware that you will eventually need to get in touch with assistance. Being able to depend on excellent support personnel is quite beneficial.

Regretfully, a lot of individuals believe that EIG has only negatively impacted the companies it acquires in terms of assistance. It can be challenging to deal with agents that don’t speak English well. Furthermore, you can’t expect the lowest-paid support to be specialists if that’s the main priority. The main distinction, in my opinion, between an EIG host like HostGator and a host like SiteGround is their support staff.

They Are Not Very Transparent

Almost all hosting companies may be verified with a quick search on Google and Wikipedia. The information is not always obvious when dealing with EIG companies. Many believe this to be deliberate.

EIG’s business strategy consists of purchasing a company and allowing it to operate under its previous identity. They frequently shift the operations under their main awning during this period. Just a small number of the hosting firms that EIG has really acquired throughout the years are displayed when you visit their website and browse through their brands.

Thus, the business model will typically change, but the name will stay the same. Although it causes an issue for new users as well, this primarily affects veteran users. Frequently, they come across internet reviews that are positive and were written by content customers before to the changeover.

Heavy Advertising

Everywhere you look, there are advertisements for HostGator, BlueHost, iPage, and other EIG businesses. They frequently choke off smaller, privately held businesses, preventing them from reaching their target market.

While advertising is a valid strategy for drawing in clients, large, international corporations frequently prioritize it over improving the quality of the service. With EIG, I think this is the case. They must put more effort into enhancing their assistance.

This is particularly damaging to the hosting sector. This business is all about getting you to sign long-term commitments and contracts. Because of this, it is imperative that you complete your homework before making any decisions. One advantage is that all trustworthy hosts offer a money-back guarantee.

My Recommended Non-EIG Companies

It is evident that there are numerous reasons not to select EIG (or any other hosting conglomerate in the future). Selecting a privately-owned host can help you avoid everything I just described. This is what we advise. Here are a few wise choices:

  • ASPHostPortal – this privately-owned host started on solid foundations, which allowed them to grow very fast. They are renowned for their incredible speeds, reliable security, and excellent support, all with an affordable price tag. They’re are highest recommended host, and what we use for this site.
  •– this company is easily one of, if not the best low cost hosting provider out there. They have amazing site speeds, solid support, and nearly perfect uptime.
  • A2Hosting – the fastest hosting solution we have tested, A2Hosting is built for speed. It also has decent security, terrific support, and four green data centers to choose from. They’re a good option overall.
  • HostPapa – for those of you looking for a managed WordPress plan, HostPapa is one of the best choices. WP managed is excellent as it takes care of most of the site maintenance for you, so you don’t have to worry about updates, your host does it for you.
  • Hostinger – for those of you who are looking for a cheap, but independently owned solution, Hostinger is the best bet. They have incredibly low-cost plans but also guaranteed uptime, solid support, and great speeds.

My Personal Thoughts on EIG

Personally, I have no animosity toward EIG. But if you Google them, you’ll come across thousands of individuals who hate them. It appears that they are mostly focused on BlueHost and HostGator. In my comparison article for WordPress hosting, I have actually given each of these hosts a quite good ranking. Many of their previous purchases have not performed as well as they had hoped due to their concentration on BlueHost and HostGator.

HostGator was the first host I ever used, many years ago. Although I didn’t have the best support experience back then, I firmly think things have changed for the better over time. Specifically, my experiences testing them over the past two years have been better. But there’s no denying that many of their hosting providers could use improved assistance.

My top-rated host, ASPHostPortal, has prioritized customer service. Over the past few years, they have probably witnessed a greater increase in users than most other organizations. This is a direct outcome of their customer service-oriented strategy. I believe that EIG may pick up some tips from their strategy.

You have the final say in the matter. It is best to give a host a try before using them. Make sure you use all of the money-back assurances that businesses provide. Once more, I advise you to try ASPHostPortal before anybody else. Honestly, I believe they will make you happier than any EIG host.

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