Top and Reliable Magento 2.4.6 Hosting

One of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the US, and increasingly the rest of the world as well, is Magento. Magento is used by about 200,000 websites, and yours might be one of them. What is Magento, though? Magento is an Adobe-owned e-commerce website platform that focuses on building e-commerce websites. Users of Magento have […]

Top and Reliable Umbraco 11 Hosting Provider

What is Umbraco? What is Umbraco? Quite simply it is the most fantastic Content Management system there is! It’s open source, easy to use and powers some of the biggest and most popular websites in the world. It differs from a lot of other CMSs: there’s very little to see, it doesn’t come pre-configured with […]

Speed Up ASP.NET Core JSON APIs with Source Generators

Building applications is a virtuous circle of learning about problems, finding solutions, and optimizing. I find optimizing an application the most fun, as it can help you squeeze performance out from surprising places. In this post, we’ll see how you can use the latest JSON source generators shipped in .NET 6 to improve your JSON […]