How to Create Your Very First Web Page


If you want to be a great web developer in the future, take my words, you are on the right page. I am your trainer for the day and will be helping you build your first web page in HTML. Why HTML? Because this language is the foundation to all web technologies.
In short, HTML is the language that was created to connect information and make this information available around the globe. If this is your first HTML experience, I am thrilled that you will be coding the first webpage of your life with me today.

Before we get started, I just want to say that HTML is essentially the easiest language to code. It is a tag-based language, which may make you wonder, what is a tag? A tag is a combination of these angle brackets <>. Furthermore, there are two types of tags, the opening tag <> and the closing tag </>

Now open a notepad (a simple text editor) in your operating system. Save the file with any “name.html” for example “myfirstwebpage.html”

A basic HTML webpage structure will be as simple as: 

<title>I am the text that is visible within the browser tab></title>
<h1> I am the heading size 1 </h1>
<p> I am a paragraph; I will be in form of explanation to you for many things in proceeding blogs for learning html with Meeran. </p>
If this is confusing, don’t worry, just practice the above code snippet and everything will become much more clear down the road.
For now, this will be all. Next time, we will have a discussion and some practice with Tags and Elements and separating heads from Bodies. We will also see what attributes tell us about elements.
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