Best Windows Hosting for Zikula 2.0.0

Best Windows Hosting for Zikula 2.0.0 – Zikula is a Application Toolkit, which permits you to run impressive internet sites and construct effective online applications. Zikula has received praise for a lot of things, but we belive the highlights are ease of use, fast and simple development, security and functionality and lastly flexibility.

With Zikula:

  • You can customise all elements on the site’s appearance through themes, with support for CSS style sheets, JavaScript, Flash and all other modern internet development technologies;
  • You are able to mark content as being appropriate for either a single language or for all languages, and may control all elements of localisation and internationalisation of the internet site;
  • You are able to make sure that your pages will show correctly in all browsers, due to Zikula’s full compliance with W3C HTML standards;
  • You get a regular application-programming interface (API) that allows you to effortlessly augment your site’s functionality by means of modules, blocks and other extensions;
  • You will get assist and help in the Zikula neighborhood of webmasters and developers at zikula

Zikula has an easy online administration panel for you personally to handle your internet site with, as well as a basic installation/removal method for installing new attributes. It is possible to build your personal program choosing the features you’d like on our internet site, then download and install the package with our easy installer, or alternatively just use one particular in the pre-built distributions for typical websites. You can delegate content manage to editors employing the inbuilt permissions method, change the appear and feel by modifying basic HTML templates and turn on or turn off a variety of functions with just a couple of clicks. It truly is that easy.

Best Windows Hosting for Zikula 2.0.0 Latest Version

Zikula Core 2.0.0 is intended as a transition release among the very well-liked 1.3.x series and Zikula Core 2.0.0. Although keeping practically 100% backward-compatibility, 2.0.0 lays the foundations of Symfony, Doctrine, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, jQuery and Twig which will be the basis of future improvement. A new namespaced module structure is established that may be the new standard for 2.0.0 extensions and also supplying many new tools and characteristics to create your internet site exceptional.

If you looking for Zikula hosting, especially Zikula with the latest version (Zikula 2.0.0), this is right place for you. Choosing the best and cheap Zikula hosting is not a simple task especially with low price offers. You need to take a large number of factors into consideration, Therefore, we have established this Zikula review site, which is designed to help you find the best and cheap Zikula hosting within minutes, based on our specialized editors’ Zikula hosting experience and real customers’ feedback.

What’s New In Zikula 2.0.0?

Core-2.0 welcomes many important generational improvements over the Core-1.x series. First and foremost, Core-2.0 removes all legacy and deprecated code. Second, Core-2.0 is entire founded on Symfony 3 with many important and stable associated bundles. Core-2.0 also contains Doctrine, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, jQuery and Twig as a basis for development. A new namespaced extension structure is standardized that is based on Symfony bundles, so development for an experienced Symfony developer will be easy. Building a new website application becomes easier and development time is shortened dramatically by using the included tools and APIs.


  • Based on Symfony 3.x which provides stability, continuity and extensibility
  • Uses Doctrine for persisting data
  • Uses Twig as template engine
  • Uses SwiftMailer for email handling

Extensions and bundles

  • Modular development system
    • Modules are bundles which can be installed/uninstalled during runtime
  • Hook system for connecting module features with each other
    • Hooks are a dynamic event dispatcher, allowing the administrator to choose which listeners respond to events.

Themes and templating

  • Twig-based theme engine for site-wide theming
    • Themes are bundles which can be installed/uninstalled during runtime
  • Integration of de-facto frontend technologies
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Font Awesome
    • jQuery

Users and security

  • Users and Groups management
    • OAuth integration
    • Extensible/customizable User authorization API
  • Dynamic user rights/permissions management by group
  • Included add-ons
    • OAuth module (allows login via Facebook, Github, Google or LinkedIn Credentials)
    • Profile module (user profile information)
    • Legal module (TOS, Age Check, etc)


  • Centralized site administration interface
  • Multi-language & translation support
  • Centralized category management
  • Dynamic and flexible content block creation
  • Centralized search functionality
  • Menu system based on KnpMenu

Developer gems

  • Centralized category assignments by entity
  • Several distinct APIs for feature utilization
  • Imagine image manipulation library integration
  • CLI based module skeleton generator
  • Multi-Sites capability (one core-base, multiple custom DB)

ModuleStudio (MOST)

  • Model-Driven Software Development tool
    • rapid prototyping
    • easy customization
    • quick updating
  • Creates models describing your extensions
  • Generates the Zikula module implementation
  • Read more at the project’s website

Community Driven Modules

  • Pages (Basic content pages)
  • Scribite (WYSIWYG JS Editor integration)
  • Dizkus (Forum)
  • MediaModule (Media management)
  • Formicula (Contact form generator)
  • Piwik (Piwik integration)
Legacy Modules not yet converted but intended to be done
  • News (Blog system)
  • Content (Advanced content pages)
  • Multisites (Multisites system)
  • PostCalendar (Calendar and event system)
  • Tag (Tagging hook)
  • EZComments (Comments hook)
  • Captcha (Anti-spam hook)
  • Several others…

Best Windows Hosting for Zikula 2.0.0 Recommendation –

Best Windows Hosting for Zikula 2.0.0 Recommendation - ASPHostPortal.comOne on the Largest Zikula hosting providers is, who also features a fantastic priced web hosting plans.

ASPHostPortal Host One hosting package, which can be suitable for beginning modest to medium sized Zikula websites, is regularly priced from $5.0/mo. This price is fairly low compared with most other shared hosting packages inside the industry.

Just 1-click application installer that is certainly able to automate the installation of more than 310 open source applications like Zikula. Using this tool, Zikula customers no longer want to upload files with FTP or configure the server manually because the entire installation process is well covered. All they have to perform is usually to have several clicks on the mouse and give the domain name, username and password in the new internet site.

As for site management, the package offers Zikula users full access to Plesk Panel, a user-friendly net hosting handle panel that supports the straightforward management of files, domains, web site security, statistics, and each and every other aspect of a website. This guarantees a superb user encounter.

ASPHostPortal organization has arranged a committed team of a huge selection of technicians to stay on-site resolving technical issues for clients 24 hours each day, 7 days per week.

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