Best ASP.NET Hosting for Composite C1 5.2

Best ASP.NET Hosting for Composite C1 5.2

In this post, I will post about Best ASP.NET Hosting for Composite C1 5.2. Composite C1 5.2 is really a cost-free open source CMS depending on Microsoft technologies. Develop for and by web specialists Composite C1 5.2 will be the perfect tool to create and maintain effective corporate websites, although nonetheless remaining simple and accessible for the editors. Composite C1 5.2 CMS is a totally featured free of charge open source web content material management program created for (and by) web pros who focus on customized websites. The user interface is quite functional and process oriented and enables customers of varying expertise to finish tasks and cooperate using familiar tools and guides. Composite C1 5.2 has more than 15.200 world wide installations world wide operating every thing from tiny companies and private.

Composite C1 5.2 is amongst the prime rated open source CMS worldwide built around the Microsoft stack. A powerful CMS that will not let you down and won’t get inside your way.

What is New in Composite C1 5.2?

This release introduce a number of API level features and data layer changes in the core to enable support for storing multiple versions of data. This enable developers to create sophisticated multi version content publication features via add-ins.

Scheduled publication removed from the core

The feature driving the multiple data version changes is a more sophisticated “scheduled page publication” add-on that will be commercially available soon. The bad news is that we removed the original timed publication feature from the core to avoid clashes between the old and new models. This means you can no longer schedule page publishing on the open source version, at least not until we (or someone in the community) provide an add-on to fill in the gap. If this is affecting you, please raise an issue so we may dose the right amount of attention to this.

New interface IVersioned to signify a data type can be versioned

By implementing this new interface on a data type, you get a new Guid field VersionId, which will be part of the physical key of your data, but not the logical key.

If no other changes are made this mean you can receive multiple rows when you query for data on a specific logical key. This you may want in administrative lists, but to ensure a specific version is delivered – for instance on the public website – you can register a DataInterceptor to filter at data layer level, and eliminate the need for client code to be aware of data versioning.

DataInterceptors has existed for some years, and allow you to intercept queries for data and change the query (and thus the result). See the DataInterceptor class and the SetDataInterceptor method on DataFacade for info on this topic.

This interface has been added to the data types IPage and IPagePlaceholderContent and the base interface IPageMetaData – enabling data of these types to be versioned.

In case you want to add versioning features to a data type, but for some reason don’t want to do this using the IVersioned interface, look at the property VersionKeyPropertyName below.

New Attribute for data interfaces [VersionKeyPropertyName(“somefield”)] to specify extra physical key field

Previously data types have had one or more key fields, which uniquely identified the data, both at data store level and logical level. To allow for multiple versions of a data to exist with the same logical key, they expand the physical key (like the Primary Key on a SQL table) with a second field to signify a sub version.

You can use the VersionKeyPropertyName attribute if you for some reason do not want to use the IVersioned interface to add versioning support, but you want to manage this aspect yourself.

Introducing data scope lifetime services

Data scopes now contain a way to register a service with the same lifespan as the data scope. This can be used in conjunction with data interceptors, to configure their behavior on a per connection (scope) basis.

Auxiliary URL / EntiryToken mapper support

In order to support URLs that address a specific version of a data, while keeping the existing URL / EntiryToken mapper engine, they introduced a new interface IServiceUrlToEntityTokenMapper which given a base URL and an EntityToken can ”specialize” the URL (append path info) and visa versa (given a URL with extra path info and a EntityToken matching the base path, specialize the EntityToken).

ElementVisualizedData class now take ElementBundle and BundleElementName

For element providers (delivering the tree structures in the console) to allow users to interact with different versions of a data item, you can now define ‘bundles’ of elements, to be presented as a single node in the tree.
You define a bundle by having two or more elements share an ElementBundle value. You allow members in the bundle to be addressable by giving each of them a BundleElementName.

In the console, you will see a bundle as a single element. The first element in the bundle will be displayed by default. In the browser view a selector will appear, enumerating all the BundleElementName in the bundle. If the user change the selection, the selected element will be displayed in the tree and the associated URL for the selected element will be shown in the browser view.

Versioned data helpers

To enable versioning features to be add-in based allow you to have custom columns to show up in existing views like “Bulk Publishing” and to support localized version naming (ex in the Version selector drop down in the browser) they introduced support for registering a helper class that can provide localized version name for data and extra columns to dynamically add in list views.

Form markup now support tooltips on document tabs

They’ve added support for controlling tooltip texts via the form markup. For situations where a user has multiple editors running with different versions of the same data, and each version share a title, the tooltip can be helpful to identify what version is running in a given tab, without having to focus it.

Other changes

Performance optimizations on data providers, C1 Console tree server rendering and “Bulk Publishing” view.

Method DataFacade.BuildNew() now works in unit test environment.

Client input validation messages are now localizable (ex. “required”, “invalid number”, etc.).

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